About Morcrystals

Mona and Oskar started collecting stones about 8 years ago and slowly they started to interest them self's for jewellery design. 2013 they moved to Berlin for Monas fashion design bachelor degree. At this point the dept came to their crafts and designs. With Mona studying design and Oskar took hes time to learn the art of goldsmith, new designs came with out pressure one after the other.

Now four yearslater...

...with all the experience collected from the Berlin journey they are back in Oslo for a new start. With the new site moore.no they now offer a selection of wearable minerals and designs, still hand made by them very self's.


So what makes Moore Moore?

  • Oskar - I believe that the mix of Mona and me makes moore interesting. We are so different in many ways when if comes to experience yet we share an opened mind and creative heart.
  • Mona - I like iced latte.